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iGaming Conference preview: Affiliate Grand Slam 3 in Hong Kong

Although its details have yet to be finalized, the upcoming Affiliate Grand Slam in Hong Kong is shaping up to be one of the industry’s most anticipated events. Organized by SiGMA, this will be the third event in the Affiliate Grand Slam series of conferences. Affiliates who are lucky enough to get invited will have the chance to broaden their network and learn new strategies/concepts through the event. Of course, it’s not all business since the organizers have made sure to include a number of social and extra-curricular activities that would allow participants to also relax and unwind.

A Promising Market in Asia

So far, Affiliate Grand Slam events have been limited to European countries. The first AGS was held in Tallinn, Estonia sometime last year and was undoubtedly a success. A couple of months after that, affiliates again got to take part in an AGS held in Bucharest, Hungary. Of course, it’s understandable for the SiGMA team to hold these events in Europe. After all, the e-gaming market in the region has been burgeoning the last couple of years. With that said, why would SiGMA hold an event like AGS in Hong Kong.

For quite some time now, Asia has been the biggest gambling market in the world. The continent is home to the top 10 casinos in terms of gambling revenue (Macau has 8 while the other 2 are found in Singapore). With over half the world’s population and relatively fast internet, the Asian market could hold the future of online casino gaming and sports betting. By bringing Affiliate Grand Slam to Hong Kong, the SiGMA organizers gives participating affiliates a chance to not just network but also have a closer look at the Asian market through one of the continent’s top financial hubs.

What to Expect

If we go by the two previous Affiliate Grand Slams then the possible Hong Kong event would have a lot to offer invited affiliates. Other than just networking, affiliates can expect to broaden their knowledge thanks to talks from some of the most respected names in the industry. In the Tallinn, Estonia AGS event, the organizers managed to get Ivan Filletti (Head of Operations and Business Development for Gaming Malta), Carla Maree Vella (CEO of Optimizer Invest), and Klas Winberg (Chief Commercial Officer of Catena Media) to share their best practices and conduct workshops. For AGS Bucharest, it was Viorel Stan (JetBull CEO), Tal Itzhak Ron (CEO of Tal Ron, Dirhem & Co.), and Paul Reilly (Media Skunk Works CEO) who shared their insights on topics that included pitfalls and opportunities that affiliates should watch out for as well as using machine learning and AI to stay ahead.

Other than the conferences, workshops and networking opportunities, Affiliate Grand Slams are also known for their recreational activities. Much like in previous iterations, participating affiliates will be given time to unwind and enjoy Hong Kong.

In Progress

As of now, details for Affiliate Grand Slam Hong Kong are sparse. The SiGMA team organizing the event have yet to finalize the list of Hosts and Sponsors. Of six possible hosts, only Lapalingo has confirmed its attendance. Thankfully, there’s still a lot of time from now to the 18th of May. Affiliates who are interested in joining the event can check out the AGS website and pre-register from there. However, it should be noted that the event is by invitation only. Organizers will then choose the participants for the event from among the affiliates who expressed interest. It’s also possible for affiliates to join if their partner program/brand becomes a host/sponsor and extends an invitation to them.


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