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Magazines dedicated to affiliate marketing aren’t too easy to find. That’s the problem that Commission Magazine aimed to solve.

Commission Magazine was launched in the first quarter of 2019 and since has released three issues, the latest being published in February 2020. This new digital magazine is focused on business, entrepreneurship, SEO and online marketing, and promises to be a highly relevant and useful tool for everyone working in affiliate marketing. The magazine is completely free and can be accessed through their website, it is also available to download. Go to to read their latest issue.

The magazine was created by John Wright, an Affiliates Coach and Co-Founder of StatsDrone. He captures the idea behind the magazine with the following statement:

“In my experience, I’ve been able to learn more by getting out of my comfort zone and venturing into other industries within affiliate marketing and online marketing. I felt there are a lot of iGaming magazines around but not a lot that cover other aspects of online marketing. My goal of the magazine is to have articles that educate and help you with your business but also to share stories from successful entrepreneurs. ”

The magazine stays true to this statement. In its three issues, it has contained articles showcasing entrepreneurs launching their companies, case studies, and educational guides to help readers acquire the knowledge they need to succeed in their businesses.

Here’s a brief summary of what they have published in their three issues:

Issue #1

Released in February 2019, it features articles from Eman Pulls, Rainer Franz, Sue Schneider, John Wright, and Mike Michalowicz, and many more. A few of the topics they cover are the following:

  • Profit First interview with Mike Michalowicz: Mike authors best-selling book Profit First. In his article, he challenges readers to ask themselves what is the biggest challenge they need to fix their business and provides insight on how to answer that question.
  • Cryptocurrency: Lessons From the Bear Market with Rainer Franz: In his article, Rainer shines some light on the current state of the blockchain and cryptocurrency universe. He also states his predictions for the future on this market.
  • Enjoy the Silence with John Wright: Co-Founder and Editor of the Commissions Magazine, John shares his experience with journaling and how to live a more organized life by limiting distractions, limiting content consumption and other tips that he has applied first-hand. 

Issue #2

The second issue of the Commission Magazine was published in October of 2019. It covers topics such as Business Coaching, Online Poker, and Productivity. A few writers are Dan Ray, Robbie Strazynski and Lee-Ann Johnstone. Brief breakdown:

  • How To Get Things Done Even If You’re Lazy with Dan Ray: In his article, he helps readers identify why they are not productive and provides them with solutions and methods to boost their productivity.
  • The State of Online Poker vs Live Poker: Robbie Strazynski is the founder of He elaborates on the present state of Poker, both online and live, and creates a comparison on each.
  • Business Coaching - Why it’s not a dirty word with Lee-Ann Johnstone: Lee-Ann is a Digital Marketing expert and a Business Coach. In her article, she defends her practice and, to complete her defense, shares the benefits of working with a Business Coach.

Issue #3

The third and most recent issue of the Commission Magazine, features Nikola Žugić, Jason Hulott, Brandie E. Black, Elaine Gardiner and more. The issue was published in February 2020. The theme of this issue is Opportunity. A few of the articles readers can find are:

  • Content Creation and Content Agencies. Interview with Brandie Black:Brandie owns Brand-e Media, a content and branding media agency. In the interview, she shares her insight regarding affiliate marketing and how she entered the industry, and also briefly talks about her journey into content creation.
  • Launching Affiliate Programmes. Interview with Jason Hulott: Jason is the author of Marketing Programmes for Business Owners. Jason recommends in his interview his favorite affiliate system and emerging trends and industries that he thinks will be of great impact in the near future.
  • Law School Dropout to Affiliate Marketing Success by Nikola Žugić: Nikola quit school in 2006. Ever since he has dove into the world of bonus hunting and affiliate marketing. Now Co-CEO at LCB (Latest Casino Bonuses), Nikola talks about his own story of overcoming adversity and finding success in his industry.

As we can see, Commission Magazine conveys a sincere interest and devotion to sharing unique and specialized insights with small business owners or entrepreneurs who are venturing into the world of affiliate marketing. The magazine’s issues are all jam-packed with rich, high-quality knowledge that all readers will benefit from. Commission Magazine also invites anyone with a powerful story or with valuable information to share, that would like to be featured in an upcoming issue, to email them at [email protected]. Readers may also send their questions to the same email if they have any doubts regarding the topics embodied in the magazines.

If you are looking for specialized knowledge and insight about the affiliate marketing industry and how to be successful in it, Commission Magazine is what you want to read.


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